About Us

About Us

Vynco is a leading designer, distributor, and manufacturer of electrical components to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets. Founded 30 years ago by the Vale family, and with 70 years’ experience in the electrical industry, this family business has become renowned for constantly challenging traditional ideas and making innovative improvements to existing products.  

Vynco is 100% family owned and operates across New Zealand, with premises in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. We pride ourselves on providing quick, convenient and personalised service to our customers throughout the country.

With customers at the core of Vynco’s focus, we work with local electricians to innovate, improve, and produce dynamic products.  From concept to completion, our team of engineers and designers work together to deliver products uniquely designed for the New Zealand market. Our R&D program is supported by our local Quality team who perform quality checks on each product sold by Vynco.


Our Sustainability Mission

Sustainability is a big part of what we do and who we are at Vynco, as a proudly 100% New Zealand owned business! As a leading distributor in the electrical industry, we believe it is our responsibility to offer environmental alternatives to lessen construction waste, and in doing so we hope to inspire others to adopt similar sustainable business practices.

Amongst some of our environmental initiatives, we have been utilising biodegradable pulp packaging, tissue slips and digital instructions in a move to become more environmentally conscious about our business practices and their impact. We are constantly looking at ways to evolve our business to ensure we keep New Zealand clean and green!