About Us

In addition to great products and intelligent solutions, Vynco strongly believes that customers deserve the absolute best in service. Vynco is a New Zealand company that cares about the New Zealand market. And with a great sales force in place we put in more than most.

Vynco Industries began in 1990 with the purchase by John Vale of the New Zealand assets of well-known Australian electrical manufacturer Oliver J Nilsen.  The operation began distributing industrial electrical enclosures and distribution components (e.g. circuit breakers) to electrical wholesalers around New Zealand. A small range of domestic switchboards was also designed and manufactured in Christchurch around this time. This was the start of Vynco manufacturing.

The Vale family, however, can trace its involvement to the beginnings of electrical manufacture in New Zealand. John's uncle, Harry Vale, started the original PDL Company in 1938, where John started his working life after leaving Christchurch Boys' High School. He then went on to become joint Managing Director of PDL under the late Sir Robertson Stewart.

Over the past 20 years Vynco has grown into one of the leading distributors in New Zealand and is nationally one of the only companies designing, engineering and manufacturing electrical products.  As it has grown, Vynco has attracted strong international partners - none more so than General Electric, who are a dominant figure in the Vynco portfolio.  Mennekes, Theben, Spelsberg, ETA, Dong Sin and CAL - world leaders in their field - are also strong partners for Vynco.


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